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Warmer or Colder?

Some say it will be warmer than usual this winter, watch to find out what our leading long range forecasters say.

Snow, Ice or Rain?

Just how disruptive will Winter be, and when/where do we expect the worst? Our Winter outlook has the answer.


Profit & Protect

Learn more about how we help traders exploit weather data for profit and help businesses minimize risk - also while profiting.


Steve Strum

VP, Extended Forecasting

Ahead of the market with long range forecasts 

Prior to joining WDT, Steve was the President and founder of Frontier Weather, Inc., a company that provides historical and forecast data services to over 100 companies in the energy trading industry. Prior, Steve was lead forecaster at Williams Energy Marketing and Trading in Tulsa, OK, providing weather presentations on Energy News Live.


Andrew Thut

Weather Solutions Expert

Profit and protect with weather data

Andrew has been working as a Meteorologist for over ten years. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he began his career as a Broadcast Meteorologist and earned his seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society. More recently, as a Weather Solutions Expert, Andrew has worked with industries ranging from Utilities to Athletics to Public Safety.