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Winter Weather Outlook

Recorded October 25, 2018

Winter Weather - Truck

Let’s take a look at the upcoming winter season. How cold will it be? How wet will it be? How can you be prepared to profit and protect? It's all covered in this free webinar!

Warmer or Colder?

Some say it will be warmer than usual this winter, watch to find out what our leading long-range forecasters say.

Snow, Ice or Rain?

How disruptive will Winter be, and when/where do we expect the worst? Our Winter outlook has the answer.

Profit & Protect

Learn more about how we help traders leverage weather data for profit and help businesses minimize risk - also while profiting.

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About the Presenters

Steve Strum
Vice President of Extended Forecast Services

Steve is an expert in his field, providing historical and forecast data services to companies in the energy trading industry. Steve adds considerable value to our WeatherOps clients through seasonal and sub-seasonal weather threat outlooks.

  • Lead Forecaster of Williams Energy Marketing & Trading
  • Energy News Live presenter
  • 7 plus years teaching Economic Meteorology courses at OSU and OU
Renny Vandewege
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Renny Vandewege serves as Senior Vice President of Business Development at WDT, overseeing the overall growth of WDT’s customer base and markets globally. He has been a leader in the weather industry for over 13 years, with a focus on the growth of revenue and programs in broadcasting, academia, and the private weather industry.
Eric Faulkner
Frontier Weather Solutions Expert

Eric began his career in energy sales after graduating from The Ohio State University. As a Weather Solutions Expert, he will make sure energy companies leverage Frontier Weather data to make appropriate business decisions.