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Your Challenges

Personnel safety, vessel positioning and repositioning, routing, and efficiency are all dependent upon weather conditions at any given time.

Our Solutions

Our meteorologists track your vessels in any basin, providing real-time actionable alerts and forecasts that are easy to understand across languages and weather knowledge levels.

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WeatherOps provides a powerful, straightforward way to help you make critical decisions for any company asset from anywhere you may roam.

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Offshore Energy Operations, Ports, Cruise Lines, & Shipping worldwide depend on WeatherOps

Logistics industries are most impacted by weather on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, exposure to the dangers of the world’s oceans creates the need for quality global data in a format that overcomes barriers such as language and weather knowledge. We’ve designed WeatherOps to support offshore energy operations, ship transports, ports, and other shore side facilities.

Our mission is to deliver weather information before you know you need it. WeatherOps provides real-time assessments of operational threats to detailed forecasts and reports well ahead of a weather disturbance.

Marine Planning Forecasts &
Tropical Decision Guidance

Keep track of wind and sea state with a simple to use and customizable planner to minimize route interruptions and to maximize crew safety and fuel efficiency.

As tropical storms develop, you’ll receive a detailed alert up to ten days in advance allowing you time to plan for a smart and safe course of action.

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All Your Weather Needs in One Place

A critical component of managing offshore operations is the ability to identify and assess threats quickly. WeatherOps Commander allows you to quickly visualize significant weather information and your asset locations for rapid decision making.

In addition to visualizing the current weather situation as it pertains to your asset(s) on an interactive map, WeatherOps Commander grants access to:

  • all subscribed products
  • customize weather alert thresholds and blackout times
  • easily add and manage users, assets and alert settings
All this and more obtained in a single, easy to use online portal.

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Speak with a Meteorologist 24/7

You need a highly reliable, real-time solution to monitor, forecast, and warn of impending adverse weather. Gain access to our expert team of meteorologists and always ensure you have the information you need to maintain safe, efficient operations.

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WeatherOps for Mobile

Our WeatherOps companion mobile app provides a powerful situational awareness view that can be accessed from any location, ensuring that whether you're utilizing Commander or the mobile app, you have the same weather decision support information at all times. Put the app in the hands of your users to optimize your action plan.

  • Check current conditions and alert status for all assets
  • Access our top-ranked sister app, RadarScope, to display your assets in relation to high-resolution radar
  • Our patented push alerting mirrors your WeatherOps Commander settings
  • Set alert types and thresholds easily from within the app and receive alerts about impending weather
  • Track day-to-day weather locally, anywhere you go

Meet the Experts

Mike Arellano

Mike Arellano

Mike Arellano is a meteorologist serving in a business development capacity for global exploration & production-based clientele. With over 25 years experience in the offshore/marine energy industry, plus 15 years as an operational forecaster, Arellano has robust industry knowledge with the experience to back it up.

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Mike Gauthier

Mike Gauthier

Mike has led the WDT North American Sales Operation since 2005, helping to generate revenue, increase market presence, expand vertical market segments, and build dynamic relationships. Mike brings extensive experience with business continuity sales and emergency management to WDT, the result of over 25 years of sales experience in the weather and outdoor recreation industries.

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