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Your Challenges

In an industry heavily influenced by weather, decisions can be costly or profitable. Leverage both short-term and long-range weather forecasting to maximize profit and up-time.

Our Solutions

Protect employees and assets by making informed decisions, maximizing operations while minimizing risk. Be proactive by being weather-aware. We'll help you anticipate weather impacts to your grid and predict power generation for profit.

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WeatherOps provides a powerful, straightforward way to help you make critical decisions for any company asset from anywhere you may roam.

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Ensure the Safety of Employees and Assets

Ever-changing weather conditions present challenges — early warning and preparation can help to fast-track your response. WeatherOps is an all-encompassing professional suite of products and services designed to maximize business efficiency and minimize business risk before, during, and after the storm.

Leave the Weather to Us

Receive advance warning for weather thresholds meeting your key weather triggers. Need to position linemen ahead of an ice storm? Forecast hub height wind out to 10 days? Predict solar radiation? We do that. Be proactive, not reactive with updates via e-mail, phone and push notifications.

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WeatherOps for Energy

Our forecast team provides targeted graphics, as well as live consultations, regarding anticipated weather threats well before they become an issue and while long-term events are underway. We provide the information necessary to accurately mobilize response to appropriate locations ahead of the storm, enabling a quick and safe outcome.

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Lightning Reports

Quickly assess the risk for lightning and prove or disprove the presence of strikes at any location by accessing our extensive database of strike information. We make it easy by streamlining the query process. We then create and send you a professional report, including map visuals, which contains strike information for a specified location and date or span of dates.

Speak with a Meteorologist 24/7

You need a highly reliable, real-time solution to monitor, forecast, and warn of impending adverse weather. Gain access to our expert team of meteorologists and always ensure you have the information you need to maintain safe, efficient operations.

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WeatherOps for Mobile

Our WeatherOps companion mobile app provides a powerful situational awareness view that can be accessed from any location, ensuring that whether you're utilizing Commander or the mobile app, you have the same weather decision support information at all times. Put the app in the hands of your users to optimize your action plan.

  • Check current conditions and alert status for all assets
  • Access our top-ranked sister app, RadarScope, to display your assets in relation to high-resolution radar
  • Our patented push alerting mirrors your WeatherOps Commander settings
  • Set alert types and thresholds easily from within the app and receive alerts about impending weather
  • Track day-to-day weather locally, anywhere you go

Meet the Expert

Andrew Thut

Andrew Thut

Andrew has been working as a Meteorologist for more than ten years. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he began his career as a Broadcast Meteorologist and earned his seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society. More recently, as a Weather Solutions Expert, Andrew has worked with industries ranging from Utilities to Athletics to Public Safety.

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