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How Does Weather Affect Business?

OnDemand Webinar - Recorded April 25, 2018


Whether it is a snow storm, hurricane, flood, or some other type of catastrophic weather event, your business will be affected. Do you have enough staff should the next shift be delayed coming to work? Should you close down early and if so, when should you safely reopen? How do you keep your customers from experiencing long serve delays or disruptions? With the right weather information, you can be prepared. 

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About the Speaker(s)

Renny Vandewege
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Renny Vandewege serves as Senior Vice President of Business Development at WDT, overseeing the overall growth of WDT’s customer base and markets globally. He has been a leader in the weather industry for over 13 years, with a focus on growth of revenue and programs in broadcasting, academia, and the private weather industry.
Mike Gauthier
Senior Vice President, Sales
Mike has led the WDT North American Sales Operation since 2005, helping to generate revenue, increase market presence, expand vertical market segments, and build dynamic relationships. Mike brings extensive experience with business continuity sales and emergency management to WDT, the result of over 25 years of sales experience in the weather and outdoor recreation industries.
Mike Arellano
Marine Weather Solutions Expert
Mike Arellano is a meteorologist serving in a business development capacity for global exploration & production-based clientele. With over 25 years experience in the offshore/marine energy industry, plus 15 years as an operational forecaster, Arellano has robust industry knowledge with the experience to back it up.
Richard Reed
Agriculture Weather Solutions Expert

Richard Reed has over 18 years of commercial weather experience. Before beginning his new role at Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), he worked at Earth Networks and CustomWeather. WDT is a global leader in agriculture weather, providing hazardous weather detection and prediction, forecast modeling, decision analytics, GIS, mobile apps and interactive mapping.

Matt Gaffner
GIS Solutions Expert
Matt joined WDT immediately after graduating from the University of Oklahoma (2006) and has served WDT in many roles during his tenure. Matt uses his meteorological and project management background to help prospective customers solve unique problems to make better business decisions based on WDT’s weather products and services.
Dax Cochran
Event Safety Solutions Expert
Dax Cochran has been with WDT since 2009. He leads WDT’s Global Entertainment Services sales and business development while serving as the solutions expert to leverage WDT’s WeatherOps, WeatherOps APIs and Frontier product lines to help clients achieve a high degree of safety and success for all productions.
Andrew Thut
Weather Solutions Expert
Andrew has been working as a Meteorologist for more than ten years. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he began his career as a Broadcast Meteorologist and earned his seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society. More recently, as a Weather Solutions Expert, Andrew has worked with industries ranging from Utilities to Athletics to Public Safety.
Eric Faulkner
Frontier Weather Solutions Expert
Eric began his career in energy sales after graduating from The Ohio State University. As a Weather Solutions Expert, he will make sure energy companies leverage Frontier Weather data to make appropriate business decisions.