radarscope for truckers

Your Challenges

Commercial truck drivers are faced with plenty of challenges during the best of weather. Driving a loaded or unloaded big rig is even more challenging when operating in bad weather.

Our Solutions

RadarScope takes the guesswork out of driving in and around adverse weather. The perfect app for truckers is here! It’s powerful enough to keep drivers out of harm's way and more consistently on schedule.

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Use Cases


"Know before you go" is an essential component of driving long hauls. RadarScope provides the ability to view current weather along a route, as well as in real-time during the trip. With RadarScope you will better anticipate delays and keep yourself high and dry during flooding rainfall events.


Wind is especially dangerous for high-profile vehicles. RadarScope continually plots a rig’s current location on a map in relation to thunderstorms that commonly have wind associated with them. By simply knowing the threats ahead, drivers will be in a better position to adjust a route or shut down to allow a storm to pass.


Precipitation Depiction - In-cab determination of rain, sleet or snow ahead is essential to driver safety. RadarScope utilizes an advanced algorithm that takes many weather components into consideration, then depicts the type of precipitation ahead, be it rain, a mix of sleet and snow, or snow, as well as how heavy precipitation is falling.


Hail is common during spring thunderstorms. Fortunately, hail storms are usually brief, but without knowledge that one lies ahead, drivers risk damaging equipment due to hailstones and/or the lack of visibility. Hail Contours, a $100/yr in-app purchase, allows drivers to know at a glance if a storm has a history of producing hail.


Semi trucks are often the tallest metal object in a particular area, thus the odds it (and you) will be struck are higher than for other motorists. RadarScope offers a $10 per year add-on that provides real-time lightning information right to the app allowing avoidance or anticipation of possible direct strikes.


Though any driver on the open road is in danger when tornadoes strike, truckers are especially vulnerable. Those 53′ vans “ full or empty “ are huge targets for any gust of wind. RadarScope will indicate to a driver where he/she is in relation to a Tornado Warning. A quick tap will produce text indicates how long the threat will last.

In Dangerous Weather:

  • Do not park under an overpass
  • Don’t stay in your truck
  • Try to make it to the nearest building
  • Do not drive during tornado conditions
  • Be aware of the potential for flooding
  • Never try to “outrun” a tornado

What is RadarScope?

RadarScope is a top performing, top grossing weather radar display app with over 400,000 downloads since 2008, and consistently rated 5 stars. The app is developed and maintained by Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. in Norman, OK, a global weather analytics and risk mitigation leader. RadarScope is loaded with radar products for use by the average Joe or the most advanced meteorologist. RadarScope quickly loads onto your iOS or Android phone or tablet and is also available on Mac.

  • Affordable enough for every employee
  • 24/7/365 live support
  • $10 app + $100/yr service
  • 30-day contour and radar archive
  • Real-time hail data
  • Handy app for everyday use

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What's New in RadarScope?

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RadarScope for Truckers