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Hurricane Season

We're preparing our clients for tropical impacts along the East Coast. Let us help provide you with the resources you need to tell your story accurately - free. Contact us at with your request.

What We Do

WeatherOps is the industry leader, providing organizations with weather decision support on a global scale. WDT offers specific expertise with big data as it applies to hazardous weather detection and prediction, forecast modeling, decision analytics, GIS, mobile apps and interactive mapping. WDT employs the world-renowned WeatherOps forecast team, staffed by experts who provide global asset projection and commodities trading decision support.

What we can offer:
Unique hurricane data and maps
Sound bytes and phoners from our 24hr forecast desk
Written quotes regarding hurricane impacts

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Active Storm Advisories

Receive our latest Active Storm Advisory for free, and quickly familiarize yourself with the latest information.

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WeatherOps helps organizations of any size Plan, Protect and Profit. Looking for specific, unique imagery? Contact us.

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We will be updating continually throughout weather events.

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Many blizzards are associated with rapidly intensifying cyclones known as bombs which produce strong winds. If snow is present in the area where the strongest winds are occurring, blizzard conditions may result. Blizzards can occur either while snowfall is happening or after it has fallen. When winds are strong, they can cause blowing snow and low visibilities.

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Snow Squall: Defined

When you hear the word "squall," you might think of a squall line. Though generally associated with thunderstorms, similar phenomena can occur during the fall and winter.

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Three Days of Tornadoes in December

Many worry about severe weather and tornadoes in the spring, but they can happen any time of year, as was proven over the weekend. Mother Nature doesn't keep a calendar, so when environmental conditions are right, tornadoes are possible. 

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