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Forensics API

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Geospatial analysis API (proximity and distance) for current and archive vector data, including hail size polygons ("hail tracks"), hail probability events, maximum wind gust events, wind gust duration, lightning strikes, storm reports, and tornadoes ("rotation tracks").

Our Approach

WDT’s Forensics API approaches the REST architectural style in the following way:

  • Clients use an HTTP verb (GET) to request resources (such as hail event and geometry data) stored by WeatherOps.
  • WeatherOps servers respond with a stateless representation of the resource (such as JSON or XML).
  • The client is responsible for any transition from one state (request) to another.
  • The server’s response provides the mechanism for doing so (embedded links at which related information may be obtained).

Make Requests Like

The API consists of multiple request types providing various content and levels of detail. Requests are returned as JSON or XML and link to the latest event and event history within the same date range for the following parameters:

  • Wind Gust Duration
  • Wind Gust Events
  • Hail Probability Events
  • Hail Size Events
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Storm Reports
  • Tornado Events

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