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Your Challenges

Weather and climate remain the most impactful and uncontrollable variables in agricultural production worldwide. 17.3 Billion in crop insurance losses occurred in 2013, much of which could have been prevented using weather-smart strategies.

Our Solutions

Utilizing WDT’s weather data ensures the most accurate and highest resolution dataset globally. Agronomic developers can easily implement these weather data analytics to create decision tools resulting in reduced losses and increased profits.

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WeatherOps provides a powerful, straightforward way to help you make critical decisions for any company asset from anywhere you may roam.

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Weather Data for Strategic Field Management

WDT provides weather information that impacts agriculture at very high resolution via a suite of APIs. Built specifically for data scientists, agronomists, and developers to support the creation of analytics (e.g., pest models, or nitrogen models), provide real-time operational support to growers, and provide weather information to drive prescriptive analytics for growers. This data includes archives of hourly data, climatology information, real-time current conditions, 10-day hourly forecasts, and seasonal forecasts all at very high resolution (1-4 km) in agriculture-rich areas of the world.

Site Specific Forecasting

Receive location-based weather forecasting and hazardous weather alerts to plan ahead and protect personnel and valuable equipment. Our forecasts combine the latest in numerical weather prediction while also applying a handcrafted approach to ensure the best quality analytics, forecasts and outcomes for our clients.

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Historical, Current & Forecast Data

Leverage high quality global weather information for analytics solutions, applications, and products and get access to historical, current, and forecast data for any interest, such as an agriculture field, urban area, or utility service area. Whether you’re looking for 30 years of weather station observations for machine learning or needing a 10-day forecast to run a specialized agronomic model, we’ve got you covered.

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You need a highly reliable, real-time solution to monitor, forecast, and warn of impending adverse weather. Gain access to our expert team of meteorologists and always ensure you have the information you need to maintain safe, efficient operations.

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WeatherOps for Agriculture

We've gone to great lengths to simplify the weather as it relates to agriculture. Our daily hazard planner provides a visual guide outlining heat index, rainfall, extreme wind, high humidity, severe weather and more. From beginning to end of the growing season, utilize our services to ensure maximized yield.

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Meet the Expert

Renny Vandewege

Richard Reed

Richard Reed has over 18 years of commercial weather experience. Before beginning his new role at Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), he worked at Earth Networks and CustomWeather. WDT is a global leader in agriculture weather, providing hazardous weather detection and prediction, forecast modeling, decision analytics, GIS, mobile apps and interactive mapping.

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