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2019 AMS Annual Meeting

Phoenix, AZ | January 6-10

Join fellow scientists, educators, students, and other professionals from across the weather, water, and climate community in to share, learn, and collaborate.


Tour Link Pro Conference

Tucson, AZ | January 17-19

The Tour Link Pro Conference is an event where experienced and developing touring personnel and businesses connect to one another and to opportunities, and more.


Esri Partner Conference

Palm Springs, CA | March 2-4

Whether you're a new or experienced Esri partner or distributor, you'll discover fresh opportunities to expand your network, collaborate on ways to grow your business, and solve problems using Web GIS.


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Strong Wind Shifts Impact Marine Operations in the GOM

A strong cold front is currently heading towards the Gulf of Mexico and will produce elevated winds and seas from now through Saturday. Southerly winds of 20-30 knots are expected ahead of the front. Behind the front, winds will be westerly to northwesterly at 30-40 knots with gusts over 50 knots. Wind shifts like this can result in disruptive impacts to many marine operations and especially for dynamic positioned vessels.

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Rime Ice or Hoar Frost? There is a Difference!

Have you ever stepped outside and all the trees and surfaces are covered with frost? If you look close enough, it sometimes resembles sharp spikes, and other times it may appear to be flat crystals. One of these is hoar frost, the other is rime ice. Many confuse the two, so let's dig a little deeper into what you may be observing.

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Weekend Winter Storm Packs a Wallop

Over the weekend a strong storm system brought wintry precipitation to an area ranging from Texas to the Carolinas. A State of Emergency was issued in both North Carolina and Virginia. Hundreds of flights were canceled, and roads became hazardous as snow continued to fall. Heavy snow and ice caused power lines to topple. Over 200,000 remain without power at the time of writing.

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