Weather Consulting & Decision Support

Event Venue
24/7 Forecasting

WDT’s WeatherOps team directly supports touring artists, venue managers and production companies, varying the information disseminated based on the specific need of each client. Forecasts and alerts are provided to the client via internet, SMS, mobile apps, mobile push alerts and direct phone access to a Meteorologist 24/7. WeatherOps boasts the highest resolution weather models in the industry backed by a staff of 75, of which 35 hold Masters to PhD level credentials.

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Decision Support

We help you make the right decisions, every time. By providing your company with a reliable weather service, you are able to take appropriate actions, such as front-loading supplies, shifting production to less vulnerable facilities and taking the needed steps to safeguard your employees and property. We help to ensure that you are never surprised by the weather, anywhere in the world – on land or at sea.

We’ll help ensure that you’re never surprised by the weather wherever you have business interests.

Weather Consulting
Weather Consulting

Regardless of the nature of your business, if you have personnel, multiple facilities or locations and clients who depend on you, you run the risk of letting severe weather dismantle your profits, your reputation, and your ability to be there for those who need your services or products. You can minimize those risks and increase your bottom line by deploying WeatherOps services, which will always be watching out for you.



Latest Forecasts
Tropical Depression Erin and Invest 92L

Hurricane season continues to intensify as the week comes to a close.  In the Atlantic, we have continued to monitor both Erin and Invest 92L as they progress westward towards the U.S. coastline....

Tropical Storm Erin Forms; Still Monitoring the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Erin has formed in the far eastern North Atlantic and is the fifth named storm of the 2013 Tropical season.  Erin is expected to remain at Tropical Storm strength over the next several...